Interact with us

At Talking Stick we believe passionately in face to face sales calls and networking. This has allowed us over the years to establish and maintain strong partnerships with the travel trade in the United Kingdom and Europe.

‘People don’t just buy from people. People always prefer to buy from people they like’.

Luxury and experiential travel has seen huge growth in the last few decades with an abundance of amazing places to stay and experiences to match. The internet, whilst a valuable source of information, has become cluttered too. Tour operators and travel agents specializing in luxury travel can be overwhelmed with choice. Trustworthy advice and personal relationships is now a valuable commodity. We will open doors for you and help you turn ‘email contacts’ to ‘friendship contacts’. We will guide you to ensure your product is on everyone’s radar being sold more often, accurately, confidently and consistently.

The following are just some of the trade relations activities we undertake for our partners:

  • Conduct regular sales and product training to all sectors of the travel trade
  • Visits to identified key decision makers to nurture relationships and build awareness
  • Networking and relationship management at key events leveraging the right business opportunities for you
  • Coordinate and arrange meetings and roadshows for partners to visit key accounts
  • Organization and co-ordination of trade educational trips
  • Trade and consumer show participation
  • The storage and distribution of brochures, images, marketing and sales collateral

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