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urrounded by stunning scenery and pristine geography, Titilaka’s contemporary design and comfort integrates with the natural environment. The architectural concept of Titilaka is closely linked to a special place positioned starkly between water, mountains and sky. Titilaka is also a special place with spectacular views which inspire each visitor to contemplate, explore and enjoy a sense of peaceful isolation and primeval beauty. At 12,500 feet above sea level, we are just that much closer to the sky.

The three-story lodge offers 18 lake-view rooms facing Taquile and Amantani islands to the north; the Bolivian Cordillera Real to the East, along with Lake Titicaca which stretches to the East and West. At the northern tip of the peninsula is the dock, departure point for local and excursion boats.

The hotel is designed as an experience lodge or hub to facilitate exploration and maximize exposure to the lake, nature and local life style. All services and facilities were designed accordingly.

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